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Ikaika Kimura

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ikaika Kimura who is the executive producer of Hawaiian Grown, has been a rising superstar genius behind some of the most successful programming concepts on OC-16 since its inception. Some of Kimura's most notable accomplishments have been the executive producer/creator for Hawaii’s highly rated cable series “Local Kine Grindz” where viewers were taken to over 600 restaurants in search of various global cuisines. Kimura was also the original editor for Tiny TV in 1999, a variety show, and co-creator of OverDrive Live in 2001. It is Hawaii’s only Music Video based series, which still currently airs on OC16.

Kimura has worked with numerous local and national clients with companies in various industries. In 2002, Kimura saw the demand for internet-applications and returned to school at New Horizons of Hawaii for an intense one-year web development series of courses, particularly streaming video, to distribute video on multiple mediums.

In 2004, Kimura created his 5th show with Kevin Yen, Co-Executive Producer, & actor/model Kala'i Miller entitled, NRG Television. The same year, Kimura created Bid Now To Win, Hawaii's Online Auction Marketplace. Basically a combination of QVC meets eBay, local style! During those years, Kimura also independently worked with various companies developing web marketing solutions and network video production which have aired on all of Hawaii’s major networks such as KHON, KITV, KGMB, KHNL & KFVE.

Currently, Hawaiian Grown is Ikaika Kimura's fourth personal television series in 9 years. It has an unsurpassable polish amongst other local programs from everything that Kimura has learned and experienced in his prolific professional career.

Today, along with Grant Kawasaki, Norlan Horita & Shannon Akazawa, Ikaika also is the Executive Vice President, Director of Marketing and partner with Hanapa'a Sushi Company in Times Supermarkets, Hawaiian Grown Catering and Paradise Dressings Hawaii.