Norlan Horita

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Norlan Horita

Born and raised in Lawai Kauai, Norlan grew up surrounded by world-class tourist destinations featuring some of the best culinary institutions in Hawaii. He started his culinary training at the renowned KCC - Kauai Community College program and later transferred to the KCC culinary program at the Diamond Head campus in Honolulu.

Chef Norlan met Chef Grant Kawasaki at the UH Manoa campus which started their future partnerships in the culinary industry. Norlan then joined Sushi Supreme together with Chef Shannon Akazawa and Chef Grant Kawasaki and became partners upon their food service expansion.

Norlan took a brief leave of absence to Washington to pursue a possible venture into the medical industry, but later confirmed that his true calling, skills and passion were devoted to the culinary industry. It was then that he regrouped with Akazawa and Kawasaki to continue to expand and lead their foodservice team and staff towards success. His strengths in culinary expertise, research & development, training and staff organization drew noteworthy acclaim and substantial company growth in several restaurant hot spots.

Today, along with Grant Kawasaki, Shannon Akazawa & Ikaika Kimura, Chef Norlan is the Executive Vice President, Director of Fusion Cuisine and Partner with Hanapa'a Sushi Company, Hawaiian Grown Catering and Paradise Dressings Hawaii.