Yelp Elite Party at Nocturna Lounge

We will also be helping out to get YOU ready for the HARAJUKU craziness if you were lucky enough to get a NOCTURNA LOUNGE Elite Party confirmation. We will have things available to prep your costume for Harajuku greatness - Make ups, hair colors, beads/chains, layers etc... to complete your Harajuku spirit within. If you (like Esteban W.) has no idea what a Harajuku is supposed to look like, then come to the UYE and we will have stuff to get you looking for the party. UYE's mean that EVERYONE is invited, from Elites to First-Time-YELPERS, family members and friends. We all will enjoy happy hour at Ruth's Chris then, as the party kicks off at Nocturnal Lounge, the Elites can move next door to Nocturna Lounge. Everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy the amazing Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris... and who knows, you may even find an Elite that is looking for a special Plus One... Party ON. PARKING is available for FREE in the Waterfront Plaza Building with validation; Ruth's Chris offers validation as well as Nocturna Lounge validates for your stay. If you are one of those folk who is iffy about getting validation, the surrounding area streets offer meters that are free past 6:30pm.

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